Alpha Showdown 2014 Southeast Regionals


I want to start off and say wow, what an event! You’ll definitely need to be persistent with your fitness goals if you’re going to take this on. Some of this stuff completely blew my muscles out. Where in some areas, I had more stamina. If you’ve never done anything like this, it’s absolutely a very fun and challenging goal you can set for yourself to to take your training to the next level!


I took 3rd place in the Men’s Open for the Southeast Region. When I found that out, my immediate reaction was, “Oh, nice!” There were some people lifting more weight than I was, but I could hold my own when it came to the physical endurance. I was happy taking third, considering I prepared for this for about a month. It’s not like I wasn’t training hard before, it’s just that preparing for an event like this forces you to bring in sometimes new and different elements into your training protocol. It was even better to know that the way I have been training for many years allows me to stay in the top rankings against other fit & competitive people.

I don’t train for pure performance & max strength often. I include both into my training, but it’s not my main concern. My main focus is how I can get my body to feel and look better. I generally stay fairly well rounded in my athleticism with an emphasis on weight/resistance training. I have a minor focus on sprinting/conditioning, which I implement more of depending on when and what I’m training for. I train to sculpt my physique. This requires a huge emphasis on when you eat, what you eat, and how often you are eating. When it comes to what food I will eat on certain days, I think about 3 main things. First, how much & what kind of activity am I going to perform that day. Second, how far away is the event I am training for. (I am usually always training for something, or I keep a goal in mind of what I want to accomplish next.) Third, what food do I need to prepare or already have prepared to ensure tomorrows nutrition schedule matches my fitness/lifestyle goals.


When I’m training, all I ever really think about in my workouts is how effectively and how hard can I contract my muscles. There are times when more skill is required. I may be thinking about how explosive do I need to be or how I can plant my foot better on the ground to accelerate out of a turn for example. When it comes to building your own physique that you can be happy with, you want to learn the correct form of exercise to engage the muscles properly. Building great habits early on can save you from months of rehab & physical therapy if you get injured doing an exercise improperly.

Always make sure you have a great coach or trainer guiding you through out the way! It can be costly when you hurt yourself from trial and error. Be sure to get educated. I have a trainer and a coach I use also, as well as do many professional athletes around the world. We don’t get to where we are by ourselves. We can always learn from others, constantly developing new skills and techniques.

I appreciate the opportunity that Lifetime Fitness gave me to compete in their Alpha Showdown. It was a fun experience, and I know that it will get better every year.

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