Richard Samuel Meet & Greet

Richard Samuel will be hosting a meet and greet at Georgia Fitness of Suwanee & North Gwinnett on January 6th & 7th @ 5:30pm. Afterwards there will be a sample workout to follow the meeting. He will be at the […]

Are You Eating Enough Calories? – Part 2

I’m going to assume if you’re not eating enough calories in the first place, you’re either just not hungry or you think doing so will help you lose weight. Another few reasons could be that you say you don’t have […]

Are you eating enough calories? – Part 1

There are people out there who don’t eat enough calories every day. Yes, 2/3 of the nation is overweight and obese. But even that being true, there are some of us that still don’t simply eat enough for what our […]

Frank Wall Fitness Training at Georgia Fitness Pro

It’s official! Frank Wall Fitness has now partnered with Georgia Fitness Pro. Georgia Fitness Pro grand opened in April of 2015, and is the latest sports specialty training facility. Whether it’s to improve a specific skill for a sport, or […]

Meet Jillian: Client Transformation

Jillian has had the most success on fat loss out of any female client I’ve ever trained to this date. She lost just a little over 65 pounds. Below is a testimony to the FrankWallFitness plan. There were some ups […]