Break Free from Anxiety

As a trainer, I know that fitness can be overwhelming for those who are new to working out. You might not have a clue what would work for you and the health and nutrition industry is flooded with fads and misinformation.

Who should you listen to and what information pertains to your specific needs? What if this does not work for you? Will you get the desired results? I understand the obstacles that you are up against as I have had to navigate them in my own personal struggle to lose weight and get healthy.

There is often a lot of confusion involved in starting a new fitness program. Being overwhelmed with information or options can leave you feeling anxious and withdrawn as you struggle to find your way.

Combating Negative Emotions

Early on in my weight loss journey, I felt that way from time to time. I can vividly remember playing football in P.E. in middle school. I always experienced anxiety because I felt different from the other kids. I also felt I would be the last person picked, which was always the case! In turn, I unknowingly began to feed negative and fearful emotions from within. I wanted to give up and walk away. But I stuck it out and played although no one threw the ball to me.

Multiple scenarios and stories like these kept appearing in my life. I did not like experiencing those negative feelings, and I eventually did something about it. Here are three ways you can empower yourself to take on fitness or anything else that is causing you to experience persistent anxiety.

1) Acknowledge the Issue or Problem Immediately

Identify the cause of your breakdown or anxiety attack. Many times, the same problem continues bubbling up again and again. A vicious cycle can occur when a person does not recognize what is taking place. Talking about the problem with a friend or family member that you trust to tell you the truth can help you identify negative patterns in your life. It is important to acknowledge the issue that is causing you to feel a certain way. This will give you the power to stay in control of your emotions.

2) Stay in Control

This is your life. You are in the driver’s seat. You have the power to control your emotions. You can be sad. You can be excited. You can be depressed. You can be happy. You can be any number of things. Take note that at any given moment, you ultimately choose how you want to feel.
When you have control of your thoughts and feelings, you have the possibility of steering your life into a place of joy and happiness. In order to get there, remember you must acknowledge what concerns or bothers you. Next, you must understand that you are in control. You have the ability to shift the mood of any situation by mere power of thought. You can now just be!

3)Just Be!

This is your state of being. This is living your life in the present. You cannot be concerned about the past. It could be the past that is causing you to spiral downward. Talk about it once. Maybe even twice. Afterwards, you can begin to acknowledge, remain in control, and create how you want to be and feel now.

Take Ownership of Your Life

This is your time to live your life powerfully. Live for today because yesterday is gone, and tomorrow may never come. So many people live their lives consumed by fear, worry or anger. None of these emotions are helping them to achieve their goals. You also have a very hard time helping others if you are paralyzed by your own fears.
There is nothing wrong with feeling these emotions – we all do from time to time. Embrace them, but then move on. Be quick to realize that you are in a pitfall and find out what you are willing to do to get yourself into a better place. Proper nutrition and taking care of your health and fitness needs also support a balanced, enjoyable life.

Don’t Go it Alone

You can take these ideas and apply them on your own or confide in someone you trust. Speaking to someone about your struggles is a great way to acknowledge what is occurring and brainstorm possible solutions. Confiding in a caring person can cause you to feel more positive, more loved, and overall just stronger than you were before. Do not try to walk this road alone.
Strength comes from struggle. Know that you cannot be broken. You are powerful. And you will choose to live a life you love! Practice acknowledging and controlling your thoughts and feelings. Remind yourself to live in the moment. You are limitless!
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