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The Power Of Hydration

With so many fad diets and plans on the internet nowadays, it gets so confusing for people to find the best way to burn fat. Most of the time, going back to basics gets you in the right spot. Don’t […]

Mountain Biking Fort Yargo

I had a more than an amazing time mountain biking at Fort Yargo State Park in Winder, Georgia this past weekend. I got to actually get out onto the trails at least 3 times in two days. That’s a lot, […]

Building Better Glutes: Part 1 – Activation

Ladies, this is for you! This is part 1 in my 3 part mini series on building better glutes. Guys, this applies to you as well. If you’re not filling your pants out in the rear, you should read this […]

Failure: Hungry For Success

When you fail, two things can happen. You can sit there depressed asking God why did this happen, complaining it’s just not fair. Or, you can be motivated & driven to improve so much more than you ever thought possible. […]

Alpha Showdown 2014 Southeast Regionals

I want to start off and say wow, what an event! You’ll definitely need to be persistent with your fitness goals if you’re going to take this on. Some of this stuff completely blew my muscles out. Where in some areas, I had […]