Fitness & Core Values

Fitness & Core Values

Fitness is for a lifetime. It is not a sprint, but rather a marathon that you must stay motivated to finish successfully. As you run this race, your focus should be on longevity, strength and endurance. I have had clients who quit early without really experiencing success or seeing dramatic and positive changes in their lives.

Core Values Keep You Focused

As a certified personal trainer and lifestyle motivator, it is my duty to inspire and encourage people to reach their full potential. I have found that taking time to write out and analyze your core values can help you remain focused on reaching your goals – whether they are fitness or business related.

Just as a company has a slogan and a mission statement, you should know exactly what you stand for in your personal life. These values act as guideposts, keeping you on the right track along your journey through life.

My Own Core Values

I know what you are thinking: “Frank, what does that have to do with health and fitness?” Identifying your core values will also give you a sense of purpose and commitment to your training and fitness. It will spill into multiple areas of your life.

Below are two of my six core values:


Faith is my driving force. I know that God is the source of everything good in my life, and I rely on the strength that my faith gives me to propel me into my future. Because I know God did not put me on this earth to serve myself, I am driven to help and support the people that cross my path. I believe we are all given a multitude of gifts, and these gifts are only fully realized when they are used to help others.

I work to see every situation I’m in as an opportunity for growth and a chance to learn. I am comforted and strengthened knowing that as long as I hold the Lord’s hand as I walk out into the unknown, I will be protected. This faith is the foundation for how I treat people, how I run my business, and how I set and work toward my personal goals.


I believe you need an inner fire or passion in order to reach any goal you set. When you have a genuine passion for what you’re doing, it permeates your every action. It inspires the people around you, encouraging their dreams as well. Feeding my passion enables me to help my clients find and build their own inner fire.

I see my passion as another gift from God that can strongly and positively influence the world around me. When properly harnessed, your passion can motivate and lead others. Passion coupled with a positive attitude can also draw other likeminded people into your life. I know that God has caused many great people to cross my path in order to help me grow as a person and to encourage my dreams.

Stay Focused and Share Your Gifts

Everyone has a unique gift or talent, and sometimes several. God gives us these abilities to not only help us build our own dreams, but to also support, help, and encourage the people that He places in our path. I have a deep desire to help others realize their full potential, and to help them build healthy, fit, phenomenal bodies!

Take time to identify your core values as well as the gifts that you see developing in your life. Doing so will help you focus on who you want to be, and what you want to do – both in the gym, and in your life.
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