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Frank Wall Fitness Training at Georgia Fitness Pro


It’s official! Frank Wall Fitness has now partnered with Georgia Fitness Pro. Georgia Fitness Pro grand opened in April of 2015, and is the latest sports specialty training facility. Whether it’s to improve a specific skill for a sport, or to transform your physique and lifestyle, we’ve got you covered. We offer one-on-one, semi-private, small, & large group training packages plus much more. Let this be your one stop shop for your fitness & nutrition needs.  Focus is important as this is a performance driven environment. Our clients range from athletes, fitness enthusiasts, business professionals, kids, and as well as people who want to lose fat and build lean muscle.


Georgia Fitness Pro has a 8,000 sq. ft. Olympic Weightlifting room as well as 36,000 sq. ft. of top-grade indoor turf. Regular staff hours are from 8am – 9pm, but we operate 24-hours a day by appointment only. You can train in an atmosphere that fits your own unique goals.


I am so fortunate to be in this environment, I think it’s a dream come true! Every day that I walk into this building I am surrounded by motivation. Just being able to combine so many different kinds of exercises to create super unique workouts with this amount of space is keeping all of my clients and I very excited & challenged.

I select workouts and nutrition choices based on how someone feels, moves, performs, and looks. You should aim for a well balanced body with symmetry and something that is pleasing to your eye. A dominant muscle that continues to get stronger can cause imbalances within the body. This can lead to pain, and/or altered movement patterns. Having body parts equal in strength and flexibility helps to avoid those type of injuries. It helps ensure progress of muscle gain and fat loss. When you develop more muscle, you can potentially perform better.  Also, your performance is directly related to what you eat, and how smart you train.


Results are created here. Conditioning drills can get difficult and make you feel winded.  Pushing through this struggle, your body will come back stronger with a better oxygen supply for your lungs, brain, and heart. This is primarily from refueling properly and getting adequate rest. Regardless of the sport you play or what you do in life, exercise and good nutrition go a long way to a stronger and fitter you.


Aligning with the right coach can quantum leap your progress rather than doing it on your own. Whether you are working with an ex-athlete, and / or a highly certified professional trainer, we guarantee that you will achieve what you are looking to get out of your time spent here. Remember to apply consistent hard work and commitment. It will always pay off no matter what you do in life.


Time is the one thing you do not get back. To those of you who are committed to a fitness program and attend a gym or training facility regularly, cheers to you!  Alternatively, if you keep telling yourself you will start exercising next week and you’ll just have one more week of eating bad, you many never take control of your health. As you get older, your body ages. You cannot stop this. You basically want to try to slow down that aging process as much as possible with exercise and anti-oxidants that benefit in this anti-aging equation. This is an investment in yourself that has tremendous rewards, namely being able to enjoy life pain and injury free. If your body moves how it is supposed to, is fed what it needs, and is stretched often, you can get your body where you want it to be in the safest and healthiest way possible.


Despite what your goal may be, we are here to help you achieve it!  There is plenty of space for dynamic warm-ups, exercise, flexibility, & conditioning work.  We are located at:

2150 Boggs Road Suite 250

Duluth, GA 30096


I am excited to see your transformation.  Together as a team invested in your confidence, you will develop new skills, sculpt your dream body and learn to eat healthy.  Life is definitely better when your body performs, feels, looks and moves the way you want it!

Call, email or contact me for a fitness consultation.  Do not put if off, you owe it to yourself!Fordпункты обмена валюты москвапокрывало IvecoMolami Plica White Copperсмотреть видео порно фильмыTeXet DVR-5GSкредит этобыстрый кредит наличными воронежэкспресс кредит финанс коллекторское агентствовзять кредит с 19 леткредит карта кукурузаколлекторское агентство кредит экспрессфонд безработицы украиныюридические услуграскрутка сайтов в екатеринбургетехнологии продвижения сайтаwirelesskeyviewпрограмма для вконтактескрытый маркетинггора моисеяhuawei ascend y5c black