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Meet Jillian: Client Transformation


Jillian has had the most success on fat loss out of any female client I’ve ever trained to this date. She lost just a little over 65 pounds. Below is a testimony to the FrankWallFitness plan. There were some ups & downs along the way. But in the end, she came out on top & made a lifestyle change. I always say you need to prioritize your nutrition first. In her case, she pretty much had no choice but to eat 110% better to avoid health complications that couldn’t be solved through conventional medicine. Don’t just take my word for it, read it from her.



My journey with weight loss has been a battle I have fought for since I was 12 years old (currently 26). I was never the smallest girl. In fact, I became one of the “curvier girls” quite fast at a young age. With an average weight in the 140’s through middle school & high school, “small and fit” was not me!

My relationship with food unfortunately was unhealthy from a young age also. I used food as my comfort zone. I ate when I was sad, depressed, anxious, bored, or when I felt rejected. I also ate food to celebrate….celebrate ANYTHING!

When I was 19 years old, I was introduced to Frank Wall. I began training with him once a week. He began to teach me about eating healthy, & eating for fuel.  I started to change things in my diet, & learned the basics of good nutrition. Within a few months, I lost over 40 inches, & was the strongest & thinnest I had been in years! I was able to do hand stand push ups….I mean, who knew!


Within the next few years, life happened. Due to several things (death in family, took anxiety medicine that caused weight gain), I had fallen way off track, & gained 60+ pounds…which left me to be 200 pounds.

I joined back with Frank twice a week in 2011, slowly changing my nutrition again. I went from eating 2 meals of fast food a day, to eating 4-6 small meals filled with good sources of protein, carbs, & fats. My diet then consisted of meats: chicken, turkey, lean beef, & tuna mostly. I also ate veggies, nuts, greek yogurt, cottage cheese, some fruits (mostly after workouts with Frank), brown rice, quinoa, oatmeal, coffee with cream, protein shakes, & cheat meals on the weekends.


Within 8 months I lost 40 pounds & grew stronger than before. In the summer of 2012, I stopped training & saw a functional doctor for some health issues I could not get solved by conventional medicine. My doctor then put me on a strict paleo/auto immune disease diet. For two & a half months, my diet only consisted of meats: chicken, turkey, beef, also sweet potatoes, other veggies, coconut oil & avocado for fats, coconut milk, extra virgin olive oil, green tea, & water. I kept out: eggs, tomatoes, all nuts, dairy, all grains, all gluten(bread, pasta, crackers, cakes,etc.), coffee, all sugar (including fruit). In those 2 and a half months I lost 20 pounds. In a year, I lost 67 pounds. After healing from the auto immune strict diet, I stuck to a paleo based nutrition plan. I saw this fit best for my body personally. I felt healthy, my mind was refreshed, my skin was smooth & clear, I had more energy, & not to mention my metabolism sped up too!

I began training with Frank again in the beginning of 2013, & continued to have my ups & downs. I have formed extreme amounts of passion & knowledge for not only fitness, but for nutrition too!


Jill getting in a nice outdoor workout at Stone Mountain Park.

I prep my food the night before as I cook my dinner. I also go ahead & cook the next day’s lunches/dinners as well. When eating out with friends/family, I try & make the best decisions possible – grilled chicken & veggies or sweet potato, a good steak & veggies…sometimes a salad. There are always better choices. Sometimes, all you have to do is ask the restaurant! 🙂

My advice to someone beginning their journey to a healthier lifestyle is to hold steadfast & stay strong. You will have your down days when you feel like you are not mentally or physically strong enough to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Take it a day at a time, small goals turn into big successes! Every workout counts, & every meal too! When you do fall, get back up & throw self hate away. It will only stump your success. You will not see results over night. You may not see them in one month, but believe in yourself & keep pushing forward ALWAYS! Remember…this journey is for a lifetime!

*Height: 5’1″

*Starting weight: 200 lbs.

*Weight I got down to: 133 lbs.

*How long it took: a little over 1 year

*What I used to eat: fast food, processed foods, sugar, sodas

*Favorite foods now: avocado, asparagus, sweet potatoes, bacon (yes bacon)

*Favorite exercises to do on my own when I have little time: body weight circuits(push ups, sit-ups, squats, lunges, sprints)

*Favorite weight lifting exercises: DEADLIFTS! POWER CLEANS!  (Did you just hear that!? Deadlifts & Power Cleans! These are two phenomenal exercises that work a lot of major muscle groups resulting in a huge calorie burn, strength gain, explosiveness, & lean physique. )

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Failure: Hungry For Success

Failure: Hungry For Success

When you fail, two things can happen. You can sit there depressed asking God why did this happen, complaining it’s just not fair. Or, you can be motivated & driven to improve so much more than you ever thought possible. You probably looked at this picture and thought, “This guy seems like he’s in great shape, where’s the failure in this picture?” Well, two things happened in my eyes recently. Number 1, I entered an SNBF Men’s Physique competition in the best shape of my life. Number 2, after placing 2nd two years in a row, I placed 6th this time around in my 3rd year competing with this organization. Did that beat me up? Yea, it got to me for a few days. I’m competitive as hell, and I don’t train for 2nd place, let alone 6th! But hey, this year was a learning experience. I told myself before entering this show, win or whatever I placed, I’m proud of the body I built this year. That’s all that really matters.

Michael Jordan Quote


When performing or doing anything, failure is just as much of an option as succeeding. Failure is ok. Everybody fails! Top level athletes, successful entrepreneurs, parents, kids, teenagers, and adults all fail at some point in their lives. A natural consequence of taking action is failure. No one is perfect. And if you’re looking to be perfect, it’ll never happen. You’re not Jesus!

People don’t want to be associated with failure. No one wants to talk about it. Usually, when people hit some sort of success we want to celebrate it. We can put them on a magazine cover, share them on a Facebook status, or call our friends & talk about it. The list goes on for the amount of excitement we want to deliver to everyone. You can be afraid to fail, or you can be willing to fail. When you’re willing to fail, you believe in yourself and you know success will eventually come. If you never take the shot, you’ll never score the goal. If you never make the risk, you’ll never reap the reward. If you never take action, you’ll never reach your dreams.

Bruce Lee Failure

I would have thought that in the past two years, I was really training hard. I did push myself, I lifted heavy, I ate a lot of food, I gained weight and I also leaned back out. But for me, my view of this physique competition as failing to win was the driving force I needed to take my physique even further. I know there’s more I can do going into 2015 that I didn’t do in 2014. I know now exactly what I need to do to improve. I’m a personal trainer. I educate my clients on making better food choices. I teach them how to exercise safely with proper form while having fun. (You wouldn’t believe it, but sometimes my clients and I laugh when grinding through our hardest reps! We’re having a good time!) Competition always takes my body to another level. It brings out the best in me. When I’m in the zone, this spills over into my client’s lives. They see my drive and dedication. They see the persistent effort in building a healthy body. They want to feel, look, & perform better. If I’m at my best, I can show & tell them exactly how I did it. It’s easier for them to believe it can happen when they are witnessing someone make a transformation right in front of their own eyes.

SNBF Men's Physique

The next time you experience failure, accept it. It can linger for a few hours or even days. Kick it to the curb shortly after that, and move forward. Learn from your mistakes. Apologies are not given by failure. The harder you fail, the greater you can become. Experience makes you wiser. See it as a challenge. Let it encourage you. Have it make you stronger. Don’t be afraid to fail. The ladder of success is for those who want it bad enough and do whatever it takes for however long it takes until they achieve it.

For all of you fitness buffs, I’ll leave you with this motivational video by one of the all time greatests in the sport of bodybuilding. (But not greater than the Legend and best of all time, Frank Zane!)



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