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Delts & Arms | Training Edition

Sorry to say the facility has changed, but I promise it’s only for the better! When it comes to exercise training, I currently have 3 other facilities in Georgia from Suwanee, Sugar Hill and Cumming to offer you top notch personal training and coaching. Visit our Georgia Fitness site to see our other locations.

The weight room at Georgia Fitness Pro is being converted to a mixed martial arts dojo for part of our after school kid’s program and other youth – adult martial arts classes. The turf is still here to use for sports conditioning and skills training. We have several charter busses that will be shuttling kids to and from school in the afternoons. They can enroll in either soccer or baseball at the moment. (Karate, football and other sports coming soon!)



If you’re a parent with children who need some extra curricular activity untill you can pick them up after work, please be sure you visit our Georgia Fitness Pro Kids site for more information. We have a fun and safe after school environment with proven results. If your school is not listed and/or if you would like to know more about how to get your son or daughter started, feel free to contact me. I also can develop custom tailored programs for training and nutrition advice to kids, teens and parents too.


I have the last footage here and 1 more workout after this one to publish. Thank God it’s legs! 🙂 Can’t wait to show everyone that because it’s essential you know the how to train them properly. It’s very common to injure your lower back doing so. Always make sure to do it the right way with some formal coaching first instead of doing it on your own if you don’t know how.

In the mean time, go ahead and enjoy your free personal training session on how I specfically focus on detail for a sample delts and arms workout. I didn’t call it a shoulders workout mainly because I wasn’t focusing on a full routine including more pressing movements overhead.

Alot of the tips and information I put out is on successful methods I have used to help transform my body. It’s also worked for others I have coached and trained as well. Everyone is built a little differently. It doesn’t always make sense to just copy the workout you saw online. It is not based on how your body moves and doesn’t account for any past injuries or limitations you may have. If your body moves freely without pain, be sure to try this workout with a light amount of weight first to see if nothing hurts performing the exercises shown. Other than that, safely give this workout a go!

Eat Clean, Train Right & Stay Strong!

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