Wakeboarding at Lake Lanier


I just got the chance to visit Lake Lanier in Georgia to wakeboard for the very first time. Training at least 7-8 times a week lately wasn’t even enough to prepare my body for this. I must have fallen face forwards and backwards at least 8-10 times before I could even stand up! And once I was up, I could only last between 15-30 seconds before I plummeted ungracefully into the water. If you ever get the opportunity to try this sport out, it would definitely give you some new motivation to hit the gym. Wakeboarding takes a certain technique and relative amount of strength to perform. You burn insane amounts of calories laughing and working the body all at the same time! I got out there early in the morning. Before you knew it, the afternoon had come and gone. It felt like I had warped through time.


This was the view on the lake around 10:30 in the morning. Sunday was just plain beautiful. There were blue skies with a few small white clouds. Weather was about 74 degrees, and I was excited to take on the day. Even if you don’t go out to water ski or wakeboard, just being at the lake taking in these views is plenty enough of a reason to go. The earlier in the morning you get there, the better. The waters are more calm, and you can really enjoy the scenery.


I was having a great time whether I was steering the boat, laying out enjoying the view, or in the water. Below is a picture at around 2 in the afternoon. The day was still feeling amazing. It got a tad busier in the afternoon, but there was only less than a handful of boats and a jet ski we were navigating between. It’s such a blessing & many of the better moments in life to be able to enjoy the nature of God’s green earth on a day like this. If you love an adrenaline rush, look no further than giving wakeboarding a try. This is a good way to get in a great workout that will put a large smile on your face.


I made sure I had a solid breakfast of cooked oats with protein powder, fresh sliced strawberries, and egg whites. That’s typically a nice power breakfast I will have if I’m going to be doing some all day activities or intense training sessions. I carried fruit & plenty of water on the boat to stay hydrated while keeping my energy up out on the lake. When I first went out, the picture below pretty much sums up my first 3-5 seconds of the 6-8 attempts I had before I even somewhat managed to stand up on the water. It was a completely new movement to me. Even as much as I train, maintaining my balance was a very challenging aspect. This immediately let me know that I had to restructure my current training regimen if I had planned to get better at this.


Once I found my balance, things got a little better. I was able to hold my myself up longer. The new task was just working on getting up consistently. I needed to stay on top of the water, and not face plant in it! I kept squatting down some as it felt like a normal movement to me. It helped to do that in some rougher water. I later found out I needed to bend my knees and tilt my hips forward some, which felt a little awkward. As I began to repeatedly get up, I was able to stand up a little while longer. One thing weight training consistently helped out on was with my endurance. It wasn’t until later in the afternoon that my quads and forearms started to burn some.


Unfortunately, you can’t feel like superman forever. Your body is going to give out . In the beginning I felt like I was pulling and hanging on for dear life with my arms! As I got more comfortable, I began to relax. I could lean back a little more, take the pressure off of my arms, and focus on steering with my feet. The most challenging part for a first timer was navigating left and right. Making sure you are flexible and limber is essential so that you don’t pull or overstretch a body part when you splash into the water. Be sure to get your mobility work & foam rolling in. You want to have a strong body in the case you impact the water in an awkward way.


As the day neared towards an end, that’s when I became even more comfortable on the board. I could squat/stand up,  flex/extend my feet, & twist my hips/body in the direction I wanted to go. I was able to steer in and out of the waves nearing my last few attempts up on the board. Having a strong core is essential to training in & out the gym. It is the center for balance. Eating the right foods and exercising the body is the best health insurance you can ever have for yourself. It can be very easy to hurt yourself if you’re not careful with how you eat, and the activities you perform.


Being athletic definitely gives me the courage to push myself to try more difficult maneuvers. Next time, I will want to try and jump some waves if I can make it that far! The good thing is that because of my frequent vigorous training sessions, the day after didn’t really wreck my body. My neck was a little tight, but my arms and legs felt fine. I know I would have felt like I got hit by a bus if my body wasn’t accustomed to being physically challenged day in and day out.


Summer is now less than 2 weeks away, and it’s time to enjoy the outdoors. Whether it’s being at the lake, hiking in the woods, or climbing mountains, it’s time to get the body moving and doing what it’s meant to do. You need to be active! If you really want to have some physically challenging fun, it’s time to kick it into high gear making training a priority. Make sure you train your core often, as it’s the center from where all of your power to perform various movements comes from. You can do many things you’ve never thought possible with a functional core. Live life & stay strong!

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