Perform Banded Assisted Pullups

The Pull-up is one of the most beneficial exercises anyone can do for their upper body. The problem is, not many people can do one, or for that matter, do it correctly. So, that’s why you should learn how to perform a banded assisted pull-up. They have machines that simulate this movement, but the banded assisted pull-up feels the closet to that of a real pull-up. Incorporating this movement into your routine will help sculpt, shape, build and tone your upper back. You’ll perform this movement much easier as compared to an unassisted pull-up. You won’t have to struggle through it as much, possibly leading to bad form. Most people over compensate using other muscles to do this exercise instead of focusing on just the muscles in the back. Usually, the neck and traps get involved to help assist the muscle in a pull up when the person is not strong enough using only the muscles in their back. Try and relax the shoulders. and just focus on pulling up with your back. This exercise helps your waist look smaller by giving you a nice V taper. When people can see a slanted line from the top part of your back, moving inward towards your waist, it adds to the perception that your midsection is smaller. This change occurs even if your waist never changed at all! Your shirts will fit better than ever, and you will feel more confident wearing the clothes you already own. If you’re eating the right foods, the waist will get smaller and tighter as well, leading to an even more enhanced physique!

Female Pullup

If your goal is to lean out dropping some size on the upper body and you’ve never done this exercise, don’t freak out if you initially feel you get a little bigger. You can also use this exercise to build an upper back full of athletic tight muscle. It’s completely normal in the first few weeks to feel that your upper back is growing, because it is! Your building and nourishing muscles in there! How much it grows depends on what you are eating and how you train. Over time, the muscle you put on will help burn any extra fat in that area. Many people avoid this exercise because it’s very difficult. But like many other things in life, if there is a great struggle, you have an opportunity to be stronger. When you use a band, you can go through the movement more efficiently. After enough practice, you can use a thinner band that doesn’t give you as much assistance, and pull up more of your own body weight. Eventually, you won’t need a band at all!

  Most people only work what they see on the body, and don’t pay too much attention to their backsides. So you think to yourself, why train the back? Because, you need balance in the body. If you work just what you see in the front, you also need to train what you can’t see in the back. If not, you can possibly develop postural problems, shoulder injuries, and many other issues from under training this very important area. Go no further if you’re looking to have a solid foundation for your upper body strength. Being successful at performing pull-ups will open the gates to easily doing more challenging upper body exercises.