Good Nutrition Leads to Great Results

One of my clients said it best: “I come in here, work out so hard and kill these workouts, but the food is the toughest thing.” People generally train for 30-90 minutes during a workout. What many people don’t realize is that the remaining 1,410-1,350 minutes in that day can make or break your results.

What you do with that time will either support or waste your workout. People do so much to tear their bodies down in the gym, thinking that exercise is the most important aspect to losing weight and feeling great. But if there is no proper nutrition to back up your efforts in the gym, you’ll never build muscle or burn fat effectively. You have to strategically and carefully fuel your body in order to have the energy you need to push your fitness to the next level.

Nutrition First, Training Second

My entire health and fitness approach is based off this simple axiom. Nutrition is the foundation that allows you to make amazing progress in the gym. Training hard will help you build muscle, but your nutrition must be on point to see your results. People new to fitness, especially women, often make the mistake of eating too little to fuel their body’s dietary needs.

First, I make sure that each one of my clients unlearns the faulty fitness methods that have hindered their results in the past. Then, I educate them on deciphering their individual needs, helping them become attuned to their body’s responses to exercise and nutritional changes. I want everyone I train to be empowered to take their fitness and nutrition into their own hands correctly and effectively.

This is where I differ from most personal trainers you meet – my mission doesn’t simply end with you losing weight. I want you to be equipped with the knowledge and skills you need to master your fitness and health for a lifetime!

Get Off the Merry-Go-Round

Chances are you have already made several attempts to improve your diet, health, and fitness. Most people who are unfit or overweight have the desire to make positive changes but their attempts are too short-lived to see lasting results. We get energized at the beginning of a new workout program or nutrition plan, but lose steam and motivation to continue when we either don’t see results fast enough, or the going gets tough. And the truth is, without the right resources, putting in hard work at the gym or going on a diet will only get you so far. Soon, we find ourselves falling back into old habits, becoming depressed about our current condition, and the cycle continues to a new diet and exercise plan.

Get off the merry-go-round! Let me guide you through proper nutrition for your body’s individual needs. I have years of training and personal experience navigating the common pitfalls that leave people demoralized and frustrated. Here are three questions clients frequently ask me related to their fitness and nutrition.

Why Am I Not Losing Weight?

Some people just need to eat an extra apple a day, or substitute a few vegetables into their meals and bam! Weight is flying off left and right when combined with their workouts. If you are like me, however, getting in great shape often requires blood, sweat, and tears. It typically won’t happen overnight. There can be a multitude of factors hindering your weight loss goals.

Maybe you eat too much, don’t eat enough, or skip meals from time to time. Or, you might not work out. Or perhaps you are working out but not hard enough. You could also be working out too long, eating too much of a good thing, eating the same foods all the time, or not eating after a workout. Some people have simply lost their motivation and no longer remember what they are working toward. As you can see, there are a plethora of possibilities when it comes to determining what is holding you back.

I have either seen it before or have experienced it firsthand in my own health and fitness struggles. Regardless of what has limited you in the past, we can conquer it together. I have never had a client diligently follow my fitness and nutritional guidelines and not make progress. Often, it takes some time to work out the kinks and adjust to these lifestyle changes. But don’t lose hope! Check out my blog for more tips and encouragement to keep you motivated.

Why Isn’t My Body Changing?

So maybe you’re nailing the workouts like a boss, you know what a vegetable is, you eat plenty of fruit, you’re getting your healthy fats from nuts, seeds, avocados, and fish oils, you understand how important protein is, but still see no major changes in your body. You might be thinking, “Dang! I’m eating all these healthy foods and nothing gives, what the flip?!?” Here’s what might be happening.

Maybe you have way too many cheat meals, or are eating these meals at the wrong times. Or, you might know all of this good stuff but aren’t practicing it consistently. It might be that you love alcohol, are eating too much, use too many condiments, or put too much sauce on everything. The salads you are eating could be secretly sabotaging you, or those nonfat lattes are adding too many calories or sugar. You might have hit a plateau.

Always honestly analyze your situation. Self-evaluation is important because what gets measured is more likely to get improved. If you see where you are falling short, avoid being too hard on yourself. Remember that nobody is absolutely perfect with their diet – not even the people with the best bodies on earth. We are all human and everyone has weaknesses, especially where food is involved.

Unless you are training for a show or competition, you are probably not on a very structured plan. My meal plans are specifically designed to help you get the flavor and variety you crave while properly fueling your body with the nutrients it needs. Follow my lead and let me help you overcome your nutrition deficits and diet hang-ups.

Why is it So Hard to Eat Healthy?

It’s so difficult to eat healthy because it seems that at any given moment, we are being bombarded with food industry marketing ploys enticing us with delicious-looking fast food. We’re all too busy to cook sometimes and our lack of knowledge about nutrition is working against us, making it hard to reach our health and fitness goals.

Yes, people are exercising more and we’re even eating more fruits and vegetables. But at the same time, people are eating larger portions, spending more time on social media, watching too much TV, and eating fast foods more often. As a result, the health and fitness industry is constantly growing and expanding. More people are dumping money into weight loss pills, hot new workout DVDs, and fad diets that promise fast results.

Much of our culture is also based around food. We meet up with friends and family to grab a bite to eat. We go out to breakfast, lunch, and dinner to socialize and spend time with people. Our social circles can dictate the choices we make. But what we eat, when we eat, how much we eat, and why we eat are all questions that must be asked in order to make healthy changes.

The Three Rules of Food: Flavor, Variety, and Simplicity

The reason people avoid healthy food is that they think it won’t taste good. It’s pretty straightforward – we want food that is satisfying and delicious. We also want to be able to have a variety of foods to choose from. And most of all, we want food preparation to be simple as most of us lead hectic, busy lives. After speaking with hundreds of people about what factors into their food choices each day, I’ve narrowed it down to these three items: flavor, variety, and simplicity.

Connect to Stay Motivated

Consistency is a key component to achieving the results you desire. Let me help you stay motivated to continue eating clean! Become a subscriber for premium access to my valuable Resources page, packed with delicious and easy recipes, healthy meal plans, and nutrition tips. You can also follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for consistent encouragement and motivation to help you make the transition into a healthy lifestyle. If you’re ready to take your training to new heights, contact me to set up a private fitness consultation. You can achieve the body of your dreams!

You need to be relentless in your pursuit of a better you. If you don’t have that innate driving right now, I can help you find it. Nutrition is the first step in changing and building a better body.